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Monday, May 12, 2008

Out & About: North Tartan Larson/43 Hoops Olson

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This game took place on Friday, May 9, 2008
Cooper High School
Junior Eligible Tournament

In the last game from Friday night it was again two teams I had not seen so far this year and it was another North Tartan team--this time Larson. NTL eventually caught fire with their bigger, powerful lineup. The fact was the three guards (Shakila Boler, Suriya McGuire, and Jennifer Dowd) had 32 of the 61 NTL points.

NTL did finish with the highest pp100 in any of the three games on Friday, but it didn't start out that way. 43HO scored first with an Angela Tauer shot from the left wing. NTL started off 1/6 and trailed 8-7. At the nine minute mark NTL led 14-8, but the next nine minutes NTL outscored 43HO 21-10. NTL kicked off a 7/8 offensive sequence with a pair of free throws by Katie Loberg. At half time it was 35-18. Amanda Zimmerman had 7 first half points for NTL.

In the second half 43HO was dry for the opening 12 possessions. NTL added 10 more points to their totals and led 45-18. NTL had a six possession scoring string later in the half with Boler scoring six straight points. NTL finished with a 62-31 double up win.

Taylor Young is out with mono, and Chelsea Poppens had high school events for NTL. Molly (not Hannah) Steele was missing for 43HO.
Photos: #1. Jennifer Dowd releases a runner with Daina Schnese defending. #2. Suriya McGuire is elevates in the lane on a drive. Holly Hofland and Tracie Gillund are seen defending. photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Megan Lauck, Mounds View 2, 5, 40.0, .200 big perimeter type.
Amanda Zimmerman, Ballard, IA 9, 13, 69.2, .308 6-2 lefty that is comfortable facing the basket. did hit a 3. prefers the 3 point line to posting up. shot tended short tonight. needs to get legs involved in shot.
Katie Loberg, Princeton 5, 9, 55.6, .333 athletic post. needs to keep the ball up. fouled out.
Kelsey Florian, Roseville 3, 4, 75.0, .250 tough perimeter, one of the four lefties
Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy 12, 9, 133.3, .667 point guard. has good pull up. has good body control. will crash the offensive boards.
Suriya McGuire, Mpls Roosevelt 12, 13, 92.3, .538 You need to have your camera ready when she gets the ball because a photo moment is soon to take place. long limbed perimeter point guard. transition is her mission. 10 of her points came off the transition game. needs to be more effective in the half court game. needs to finish.
Jennifer Dowd, Rogers 8, 7, 114.3, .429 steady guard. makes good decisions. hit a pair of 3s. has quick hands on defense.
Rey Robinson, Becker 3, 2, 150.0, .500 tall left handed perimeter. needs to be more consistent at the line
Carly Rothfusz, Eden Prairie 8, 10, 80.0, .400 another long lean perimeter. has pull up. needs to get stronger physically.

Kirsten Goodroad, Blaine 1, 6, 16.7, .167 perimeter
Angela Tauer, Hutchinson 10, 10, 100.0, .500 perimeter, did hit a 3
Hannah Steele, Centennial 3, 16, 18.8, .063 small point guard. when trapped couldn't pass over the taller NTL guards. needs to keep vision up and read trap before it happens.
Sarah Luse, Orono 5, 7, 71.4, .429 post (More 4), aggressive to the basket, went to the line four times.
Amy Vanhulzen, Park Center 0, 6, 0.0, .000
Holly Hofland, Centennial 0, 4, 0.0, .000 another small guard
Hannah Naefke, Concordia Roseville 2, 11, 18.2, .091 post (more 4)
Tracie Gillund, Blaine 6, 7, 85.7, .429 post (more 4) can shoot from 15 out
Daina Schnese, Chaska 4, 5, 80.0, .400 perimeter

Shakila Boler

North Tartan Larson 62, 72, 86.1, .417
43 Hoops Olson 31, 72, 43.1, .222
made 3s/&1s: NTL 3/1; 43HO 2/0
ftm/fta-ft%: NTL 11/18-.611; 43HO 7/18-.389
bench: NTL 31, 43HO 12

Jennifer Dowd 8.5
Amanda Zimmerman 8
Shakila Boler 8
Carly Rothfusz 5.5
Suriya McGuire 5
Katie Loberg 4
Kelsey Florian 4
Megan Lauck 3
totals: 46

Tracie Gillund 6
Amy Vanhulzen 6
Holly Hofland 5
Daina Schnese 5
Kirsten Goodroad 3
Sarah Luse 3
Hannah Naefke 3
Angela Tauer 2
Hannah Steele 2
totals: 35

Jennifer Dowd 7
Suriya McGuire 3
Amanda Zimmerman 2
Katie Loberg 2
Rey Robinson 2
Carly Rothfusz 2
Megan Lauck 1
Kelsey Florian 1
Shakila Boler 1
totals: 21

Hannah Steele 4
Daina Schnese 3
Tracie Gillund 2
Kirsten Goodroad 2
Angela Tauer 1
Holly Hofland 1
totals: 13

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Out & About: North Tartan Crosby/MN Stars DeWitt

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This game took place on Friday, May 9, 2008
Cooper High School
Junior Eligible Tournament

This turned out to be the most competitive game on Friday night. In a battle that went back and forth it was North Tartan Crosby edging MN Stars DeWitt 51-48. I had not seen either team yet this year, so it was a must see contest.

NTC scored on their first four possessions to go up 7-2. But a problem that would recur most of the night had already made its presence felt. NTC was only 11/21 for the night, less than 50%. And to start the game they were at 50% (2/4). MSD went up 19-11 on a 17-4 run. Europe Guy had 6 in that outburst for MSD. NTC had their own 11-0 run, with two 3s by Bree Holleman, to go up 22-19. By the half the game was knotted up again at 30. Holleman had 10 at half while Gina Lange had 9 for MSD.

Guy opened the second half with five points and MSD led 35-30. Neither team was ripping the nets up as NTC had a 7 possession drought, while MSD had a 6 possession drought with a 1/11 offensive sequence. NTC snapped out of their funk quicker to tie it up at 40. All in all MSD had a 3/20 offensive sequence, and all the points were at the line. That is a pp100 of 15 pp100. NTC surged forward with a 7-1 run keyed by an old fashioned three point play by Devyn Smith. On the next NTC possession she picked up an assist as Kaiya Sygulla scored. MSD wasn't finished yet. Abby Weiss nailed a three to cut the margin to 47-44 with about 3 minutes left. Kendra Harris made one free throw on the next NTC chance to make it 48-44. Lange made the first free throw, and missed the second with 1:40 to go. Lange got her own rebound and eventually as the ball worked around she missed a shot. The score was 48-45. Janae Burich added one of two free throws for NTC. MSD had three cracks at scoring on the next possession. NTC had two straight possessions where they missed a pair of free throws. In fact the missed free throw sequence was five straight. Weiss made a 3 with 14.3 seconds to go to cut the margin to 49-48. Smith made two free throws for the final margin. Samantha Robinson-Ricks' 3 missed the mark and Burich grabbed the rebound to preserve the win.

Missing in action: Jenna Lillemoe was wearing a boot for NTC. Whitney Canton and Catavia Jones were gone for MSD
photos: #1. Ashley Prather of NTC holds on to a rebound that Gina Lange, Abby Weiss, and Jenny Houle all desire. #2. Bree Holleman goes up for a lay up as Amanda Wagner sails by. photos by Teas

key: Player, school, points, possessions, pp100, possessions
Sarah Hendricks, Cretin-Derham Hall 3, 5, 60.0, .200 6-0 perimeter/3 type. scored right off the bat and was silent the rest of the game.
Janae Burich, Roseville 9, 13, 69.2, .462 big post. listed at 6-5. moves well. a force on the boards. however brings ball down. passing needs to be sharper out of the double teams. went to the line three times, but needs to be better than 50% at the line. needs to keep her hand up on her shot. Defensively intimidates others.
Bree Holleman, Hancock 13, 11, 118.2, .455 nailed three 3s on the day. was active on defense and mixes it up. needs to be able to make the free throws down the stretch.
Kaiya Sygulla, Lakeville North 10, 15, 66.7, .333 point guard. had 8 assists to lead NTC. when on balance with her shot is effective. When feet are in motion...it is a mystery
Kelsey Evans, Willmar 2, 5, 40.0, .200 perimeter
Kendra Harris, Cretin-Derham Hall 4, 6, 66.7, .333 post player. a smaller version of Ashley Ellis-Milan. needs to get her hands ready to catch the ball.
Miranda Speckel, Buffalo 0, 3, 0.0, .000 guard
Devyn Smith, Roseville 10, 6, 166.7, .667 perimeter. can score in traffic and when hit. made two old fashioned 3 point plays. looks to score off the dribble.
Ashley Prather, Lakeville North 0, 2, 0.0, .000 smaller post. active on the defensive boards.

Samantha Robinson-Ricks, St. Paul Central 5, 12, 41.7, .333 likes to shoot off the dribble. went to the line three times. at the end of the half had a passing turnover and failed to sprint down court to stop the other team. Instead looked at her shoes.
Europe Guy, Mpls South 12, 9, 133.3, .667 perimeter. shot well. can hit the 3. likes to shoot off the dribble.
Gina Lange, Forest Lake 12, 20, 60.0, .250 rugged post. decent size at 6-2. however was giving 3 inches away to Burich. That made a difference in the shot. Also picked up some traveling calls trying to maneuver around Burich.
Abby Weiss, Martin County West 12, 11, 109.1, .455 perimeter. made a pair of clutch 3s late in the game
Amanda Wagner, New Prague 0, 4, 0.0, .000 point guard. had 10 assists on the night. Can find the open player before the defense is in position. Knows who can do things with the ball.
Jenny Houle, Mpls South 5, 4, 125.0, .500 3 point specialist. made one on the night.
Jessica Leer, Coon Rapids 2, 5, 40.0, .200 perimeter. her points came at the line on two trips. shot has a hitch
Mackenzie Wolter, Norwood Young America 0, 1, 0.0, .000 came late to the contest due to high school events. guard.

Devyn Smith

North Tartan Crosby 51, 66, 77.3, .364
MN Stars DeWitt 48, 66, 72.7, .348
made 3s/&1s: NTC 4/3; MSD 5/1
ftm/fta-ft%: MSD 13/21-.619; NTC 11/21-.524
bench: NTC 14, MSD 7

Janae Burich 10.5
Bree Holleman 6
Ashley Prather 6
Kaiya Sygulla 5
Miranda Speckel 4.5
Devyn Smith 3.5
Kelsey Evans 3.5
Sarah Hendricks 2
Kendra Harris 2
totals: 43

Samantha Robinson-Ricks 6.5
Gina Lange 6
Europe Guy 4
Amanda Wagner 4
Abby Weiss 3.5
Jenny Houle 2
Jessica Leer 1
totals: 27

Kaiya Sygulla 8
Bree Holleman 3
Kelsey Evans 2
Devyn Smith 2
Sarah Hendricks 1
Janae Burich 1
Miranda Speckel 1
totals: 18

Amanda Wagner 10
Abby Weiss 3
Jessica Leer 3
Samantha Robinson-Ricks 1
Europe Guy 1
Jenny Houle 1
Mackenzie Wolter 1
totals: 20

Next up: North Tartan Larson vs 43 Hoops Olson

Out & About: Fury/Suns

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This is the first of 12 Out & Abouts from this past weekend's Minnesota State girls Basketball AAU tournament. Due to the volume of games, there will be some streamlining. You will get all the numbers of course.

This game took place on Friday, May 9, 2008
Cooper High School
Junior Eligible Tournament
FURY 65, SUNS 54

Pool G had three teams that were fairly even and this game tipped off the action on Friday night at 6 pm. The Suns jumped out early with a 6-0 run as the Fury was went six trips without scoring. Tiffany Van Haaften broke the ice for the Fury with a 3. The Fury took their first lead at 14-13 on a basket by Lisa Springer. The Fury's biggest lead came at 18-15 in the first half. The Suns rose up and went in front on a coast to coast pull up jumper by Pam January. The Suns held the Fury scoreless for another six possession stretch and led 25-20. Just as the Fury can be cold, the Fury can be hot. They had a seven straight possession scoring binge and finished the half with a 16-4 run to lead 36-29 at the break. Van Haaften had 6 in that outburst. The Fury bench provided 26 of the 36 points in the first half. Van Haaften and Keely Brennan each had 9 for the Fury at half time. Leading both teams was Hannah Hylla of the Suns with 10.

The Suns started out the second half with a four possession drought. Combined with the tail end of the first half it was a nine trip drought. The Suns cut the margin to 40-35, but the offensive performance again was lacking for six trips, only two of which ended in turnovers. The Fury went up 46-37 in the meantime. The Fury had a 57-43 lead with about 7 minutes to go. However over the next three minutes they only were able to make one free throw over nine possessions. With 2:08 to go the Suns cut the lead to 58-48. That margin held up with free throw predominating at the end.

As it turned out the Fury ended up as the 8th seed. MN Stars Smith won the pool.

MIA for the Suns were a couple of players off at prom: Jamie Noonan and Rhodeshia Robinson who came to the game in full regalia. Kylie Gottsman arrived late due to a high school softball game. For the Fury Sarah Peterson, and Kate Constable were missing.
photos: #1 Kailyn Wilcox extending toward the basket for the Fury with Hannah Hylla defending. #2 Hannah Hylla shooting from the outside with Tiffany Van Haaften defending. photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Chrissy Holm, Hill-Murray 3, 10, 30.0, .200 perimeter. shot wasn't on
Kailyn Wilcox, Cretin-Derham Hall 2, 8, 25.0, .250 perimeter. another who was cold from the floor.
Kika Greenlee, St. Louis Park 5, 13, 38.5, .231 point guard. got her team involved with 9 assists.
Emily Kaus, Eastview 8, 7, 114.3, .571 post. Controlled the boards in the second half with six d rebounds.
Lisa Springer, Cretin-Derham Hall 7, 7, 100.0, .571 perimeter. went to the line four times.
Tiffany Van Haaften, Chaska 12, 10, 120.0, .600 perimeter. has 3 range. went to the line three times.
Rochelle Cichy, Hill-Murray 8, 6, 133.3, .500 perimeter. made a pair of 3s in the second half. made a pair of 3s in the second half.
Keely Brennan, Eden Prairie 10, 7, 142.9, .714 perimeter. lefty. can shoot out or take the ball inside.
Michelle Tobin, Eden Prairie 10, 9, 111.1, .667 post. can and does take the ball outside. Hit some shots in the right corner. also went to the line three times.

Hannah Hylla, Albany 12, 10, 120.0, .600 lean post. scored on put backs.
Katie Pettit, HLWW 12, 15, 80.0, .400 point guard. most of her scoring comes off the dribble. passing needs to be sharper. through behind some receivers.
Pam January, Richfield 11, 18, 61.1, .333 perimeter. has a nice pull up. went to the line three times. passes can sail high.
Jessica Fife, Osseo 7, 12, 58.3, .250 more 3 than anything else. has 3 range.
Scotti Moats, Waconia 4, 4, 100.0, .500 post.
Jasmine Mendes, Hopkins 1, 8, 12.5, .125 point guard
Karen Gogins, Roseville 3, 4, 75.0, .250 perimeter. made a 3 from the right corner. needs to get stronger physically.
Becca Kendrick, Bethany 0, 4, 0.0, .000 perimeter. looks for the 3
Kylie Gottsman, Osseo 4, 4, 100.0, .500 post. strong. physical. needs to get quicker feet. and quicker with her post moves.

Keely Brennan

Fury 65, 77, 84.4, .442
Suns 54, 79, 68.4, .342
made 3s/&1: Fury 4, Suns 2
fta/ftm-%: Fury 19/28-.679; Suns 12/16-.750
bench: Fury 40, Suns 8
The Suns had more second chancers than the Fury 15-10. The Suns had 10 of those points in the first half.

Emily Kaus 7
Lisa Springer 6
Tiffany Van Haaften 5
Michelle Tobin 5
Chrissy Holm 3
Kailyn Wilcox 3
Kika Greenlee 3
Rochelle Cichy 3
Keely Brennan 2
totals: 37

Hannah Hylla 8
Katie Pettit 6.5
Jasmine Mendes 6
Scotti Moats 4
Pam January 3
Jessica Fife 3
Karen Goggins 2
Kylie Gottsman 2
Becca Kendrick 1.5
totals: 36

Kika Greenlee 9
Chrissy Holm 5
Lisa Springer 4
Michelle Tobin 3
Tiffany Van Haaften 2
Rochelle Cichy 2
Kailyn Wilcox 1
Keely Brennan 1
totals: 27

Katie Pettit 4
Jessica Fife 4
Hannah Hylla 2
Pam January 2
Jasmine Mendes 2
Karen Goggins 2
totals: 16

Next up: More Friday Pool results

Kaus Verbals, Suns 12, Thunder 16, $7.4 Million

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Emily Kaus has made a verbal committed to Bemidji State. The 6-2 center averaged 4.6 ppg for the 29-3 Eastview Lighting this winter. She had a breakout game in the state semifinals with 14 points. Kaus plays with the MN Fury 16u team this summer. Sister Michelle Kaus plays with Creighton.

The Minnesota Fury AAU Club would like to congratulate Emily Kaus on her verbal to Bemidji State. Emily is the first player in club history to make a verbal commitment. (This is the second year of the club, and the 2009 class is the first group of 16U players to come through the program) Congratulations Emily and good luck from the Minnesota Fury coaches, players, and families!

Kaus is the first 2009 Minnesota player to verbal a D2 school and the 7th overall to verbal.

photo: Kaus with the Fury this past weekend. photo by Teas.

The Minnesota Suns U12 team won the Division 1 AAU State Title on Sunday in 5 games. They defeated North Tartan 55-42, Buzzer Beaters 59-42, MN Stars-Higgins 52-37, Metro Stars 57-45, and then MN Stars Higgins again in the Championship game 38-29. The MN Sun's will go on to the National Championships in Rochester MN in July.

The players in the picture are as follows: Back Row: Asst. Coach Scott Kauls, Kyla Schmidt (Maple Grove), Martha Kauls (Moundsview), Claire Thomas (St. Paul), Erin Stromen (Woodbury), Courtney Schiffler (Woodbury), Anuli Okonkwo (Maple Grove), Head Coach Cori Davison Front Row: Allison Cordes (Roseville), Kelly Olzenak (Maple Grove), Angie Davison (Maple Grove), Jordan Hansen (St. Michael)
The Minnesota Thunder 16’s went 3-0 this weekend including beating the Minnesota Triple Threat that were recently ranked # 1 in the MYAS division. The Minnesota Thunder started off on a 9 – 1 run, MN Triple Threat fought back with both teams playing tough defense on one another in a very physical game. By half time MN. Triple Threat were up by 4. The Minnesota Thunder Girls were not to be out done opening up the second half with an 8 point run, taking the lead for good finishing with a 45 – 39 victory.
Scores for the other two games
Minnesota Thunder 54 – Prior Lake 45 (MN. Thunder put up 40 points in the second half) They have the ability to be dangerous on the perimeter and inside, playing great team ball.
Minnesota Thunder 39 – Howard Lake 28 (MN Thunder, Physical game, free throws win games and the MN Thunder worked the ball around well inside dishing off to one another.
The MYAS State Tournament will be held next weekend at a variety of sites throughout the area. Here are the schedules.
The Michigan High School Athletic Association could be bankrupt if the $7.4 million legal fee judgment stands. The MHSAA fought the eventual girls basketball switch from fall to winter. From the Grand Rapids Press
Northwestern, Iowa's Debbie Remmerde was cut by the Houston Comets and will be looking to go overseas to continue to play professional basketball. Remmerde was the NAIA player of the year for the last two years. From the Sioux City Journal.
Thanks to all the readers that have migrated to this site. I have no idea when or if the original site will be up and running. My advice is if you want any of the older articles on that site, go back and copy what you want.
I can't do this site without the help of the readers. Thanks for all the support and information you have given over the years. It helps to enhance the site.
I will be moving to a full fledged website at some point this summer. That way there will be a bit more control over what happens.
Next up: three Out & abouts from the MN State AAU girls basketball tournament.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Minnesota State AAU Championship results.

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NC HEAT 6 for 6

Today the Minnesota state AAU Girls Basketball tournament wrapped up. Champions were crowned in three age brackets today (and one yesterday) at Cooper. Skyview hosted the younger divisions.

For the sixth straight year NC Heat won the State tournament. NCH beat MN Stars Borowicz in the finals 82-72. The Heat got off to a fast 16-2 start and led by that margin most of the game. They stretched it out to 20 in the second half. Tayler Hill came out with about 3 minutes to go and NCH up 78-61. She returned with the score cut to 78-66 and 2:35 left. MSB did cut it to 80-72 with under a minute to go, but it was too late to change the outcome. Tayler Hill had 34 points, 20 in the first half to lead NCH.
Last year NCH beat North Tartan Larson for the championship 77-61. In that contest Tayler Hill oddly enough had 34 points.

NCH beat North Tartan Crosby in the semifinals after a struggle in the first half. NTC led in the first half, but NCH turned up the defensive pressure to get the victory in the second half.

I watched the other semifinal between MN Stars Borowicz and North Tartan Larson. MSB beat 67-56. The game featured three future Gophers (Amber Dvorak for MSB, and Shakila Boler and Katie Loberg for NTL). The size across the line was bigger than some colleges put on the floor. MSB trailed at half time 32-31. MSB scored the first five points of the second half and went on a 18-8 run to go up 49-40. That was the difference maker in the win.

Before that I watched a couple of quarterfinal games. NTL survived a nailbiter with Metro Stars Black 61-60. NTL led 53-40 with 8:30 minutes to go. The rest of the game MSB outscored NTL 20-8. MSB had a chance to win the game with the ball with 9 seconds left. Shakila Boler made the game saving block to preserve the win for NTL.

In the first quarterfinal game I watched it was North Tartan Crosby over Metro Stars White 75-51. In the second half NTC outscored MSW 42-20 as everything was clicking.

The other contest I watched was the 14u championship. In that game it was North Tartan beating Metro Stars 64-52. NT led at one point 63-42 with 7:26 to go.

Unfortunately I was not able to see any of the 15u action because it was held at the same time as the Junior Eligible tournament. In the 15u championship it was North Tartan beating MN Suns Ellen 61-23.

I will have more results as they filter in.

On Saturday, MN Stars beat Metro Stars by about four in the 19u Championship. MN Stars Coach Willie Taylor picked up his second State Championship this calendar year. He led St. Paul Central to the AAAA title in March.

In other news Katie Loberg was injured in the third place game with a ankle sprain from what I was told.
In the 14u championship Marissa Janning of North Tartan went down with what appeared to be a knee injury.

There will be 12 out & abouts coming this week.
preliminary schedule
Junior: Fury vs Suns
Junior: North Tartan Crosby vs MN Stars DeWitt
Junior: North Tartan Larson vs 43 Hoops Olson
Junior: Metro Stars White vs Southern Minne Magic
Junior: MN Stars DeWitt vs Stangs
15: MN Stars Jihad (Lady Cats) vs Gym Rats
15: MN Suns Ellen vs 43 Hoops
Junior: quarters North Tartan Crosby vs Metro Stars White
Junior: quarters North Tartan Larson vs Metro Stars Black
14: championship North Tartan vs Metro Stars
Junior: semis MN Stars Borowicz vs North Tartan Larson
Juinor: championship: NC Heat vs MN Stars Borowicz

Now I need to digest some numbers and celebrate Mother's day

Next up: tomorrow

Duke or Rutgers? Signings, Change at NW, Mother's Day

#1 posting 5.11.2008
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According to Charley Walters in the St. Paul Pioneer Press it is down to Duke and Rutgers for Tayler Hill.

Ida Clarke and Lisa Bear Robe, both of Red Cloud, SD, have signed to play women's basketball with Bismarck State. Bear Robe averaged 11 ppg and Clarke 14 ppg. From the Bismarck Tribune.

Sadie Ewing, of Verona Wisconsin has signed with Winona State. Here is her prep profile in the Capital Times.

Northwestern's women's basketball coach Beth Combs has resigned. Combs had a 24-95 record over four years. From the Chicago Sun Times. The Chicago Tribune stated that she was dismissed.

Current Maryland women's basketball coach, and former Gopher coach, Brenda Frese is celebrating her first Mother's day as a mother. From the Des Moines Register.

The Star Tribune has an article on Mother Colleen Chambers, Jordan Volleyball coach and daughter Brittany who excels at both volleyball and basketball.

After your Mother's Day brunches and festivities you can get to the Minnesota State AAU girls basketball tournament at Cooper High School in New Hope. The 16 or Junior Eligible semis are at 3:30 and the finals are at 6:30. The gym should be crackling with energy. The 15us also play at the same time. The 14u championship is at 5 pm.

next up: later today with the Minnesota State AAU girls basketball tournament final results.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Minnesota State AAU Results

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your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

It was more pool play today with the Minnesota State girls AAU tournament. With the pool play finished it sets up for an interesting championship day tomorrow.
In the Junior Eligible (16u/17u) division
The 9:30 AM quarterfinals
NC Heat vs Fury
Metro Stars White vs North Tartan Crosby
The 11 AM quarterfinals
MN Stars Borowicz vs MN Stars Smith
North Tartan Larson vs Metro Stars Black
Semifinals will be at 3:30 PM
the championship at 6:30 PM

I don't have all the 15u bracketing completed, but it looks like this
The 9:30 AM quarterfinals
North Tartan vs either 43 Hoops or MN Dynamite
MN Suns Gregg vs MN Stars Carlisle
MN Suns Ellen vs Fury
Metro Stars vs MN Stars Lady Cats
Semis and finals just like the JE/16/17 division

A word to the wise----pack a jacket, it gets pretty cold in the newer gym level.

Here is what Coach Teas & I saw today (full details will be coming on the out & abouts later in the week). Our focus was on the teams we haven't seen yet.
Metro Stars White (a team we have seen before 3 times) beat Southern Minne Magic 78-61. SMM led right away 5-0 and built it out to 24-14 with 8:24 left in the first half. MSW outscored SMM 21-10 the rest of the half to lead 35-34 at the break. MSW used 13 first half free throws and three 3s by Karin Gibson to pull back in front.
In the second half MSW used their momentum to go on a tear at the start of the second half. They had an 8/9 sequence early to go out in front 52-45. Three other players knocked down 3s during this time. Later in the half MSW had a 7/8 offensive sequence as they closed out with a 78-61 win.

For the second day in a row we saw MN Stars DeWitt. Today they faced the 'Stangs, a school team out of Sioux Falls Roosevelt plus one from Beresford, SD. (yes a South Dakota team in the Minnesota State tournament). MSD led early 15-2, but the 'Stangs never quit. They were able to cut the margin down to 35-25 at the half.
In the second half the 'Stangs narrowed the gap even further to 51-46 and 57-52, but that was as close as it was going to get. MSD finished with a 6/7 offensive sequence and won the game 73-62. Gina Lange and Amanda Wagner provided a solid one two punch for MSD. The 'Stangs relied on Emily Palmer for most of their production.

After that it was off to the 15u divisions. The first contest was between Cats and Rats and, as you would expect in such a battle, the Cats prevailed. It was the MN Stars Jihad Lady Cats beating the Gym Rats from the Northwest portion of the state 63-43. The Lady Cats used their pressure defense to get the lead and build on it. MSLC led 34-24 at half time. In the second half the game never got to single digits and the MSLC gradually pulled away for a twenty point win.

In the last match up of the day it was MN Suns Ellen beating 43 Hoops 51-37. It was a relatively low scoring first half with MSE leading 19-11 at the break. The scoring pace picked up in the second half with MSE scoring the first five possessions of the second half to take a 29-14 lead. 43H did managed to cut the lead to 34-26 with a 8-0 run, but Suns responded with a 5-0 run to go back in front 39-26. One more time 43H got the deficit to single digits at 41-32, but a six possession drought stopped their rally short.

We may have a new winner for worst parking situation. It was a miserable rainy dreary day and to top it off there was another function going on at Cooper. I had to park at New Hope Elementary. Unfortunately there were no shuttle buses for fans to get to the doors. I made it to the game on time, moist, and soggy.

Next up: Tomorrow morning.

Ohio, Mankato West Hire, Lam Leaves

#1 posting 5.10.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Semeka Randall has been named the new women's basketball coach at Ohio.

Diane Johns has been named the new girls basketball coach at Mankato West. She has been an assistant at West for 17 years. From the Mankato Free Press.

Mike Lyons has been named the new girls basketball coach at Waterloo Columbus. He was the girls coach at Janesville, IA. From the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

John Steltz has resigned at Seymour, WI. He had a 124-100 record over 10 years. From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Kelly Lam of Marquette will graduate in December and will not return to the women's basketball team. Lam averaged 5 ppg over two seasons at Marquette after transferring from Oklahoma.

The Lillie Suburban paper looks at Diane Morin and her induction in to the Minnesota girls basketball hall of fame.

It appears that the WIAC post season women's basketball tournament will lose two teams. The number of teams will drop from 8 to 6. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Star Tribune lists famous Minnesota athletes, probably in conjunction with the State's 150th anniversary. Janet Karvonen, the first girls basketball phenom, makes the list.

Former Moose Lake girls basketball coach Bob Youso died of cancer Wednesday. Youso's 1982 team was undefeated and won the A State title. Moose Lake made four state tournament trips. From the Duluth News Tribune.

Next up: Later today with more reports from the Minnesota State AAU girls basketball tournament

Friday, May 9, 2008

Minnesota State AAU Tournament: Friday Pools

#3 posting 5.9.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Tonight the Minnesota State Girls Basketball AAU Tournament opened with pool play. Coach Teas and I spent our times watching the 16u/Junior Eligible teams. Our focus today and tomorrow will be mostly, if not exclusively, the teams we haven't seen yet this spring.

The first game we saw was the Minnesota Fury and the Minnesota Suns. The Suns led 25-20 with 4:12 left in the first half when the Fury had an 8 possession scoring string and a 16-4 run to take a 36-29 lead. The Fury's high water mark in the second half came at 55-41. The Suns cut the margin to 60-54 with 42.6 left. Both teams are in pool G.

Next up was North Tartan Crosby and MN Stars DeWitt, two teams we hadn't seen yet. NTC came out hot scoring their first four possessions and taking a 7-2 lead. MSD had an 18-4 run to take a 18-11 lead. Both teams ended the first half tied at 30.

The biggest MSD lead came at 38-33 early in the second half. NTC took the lead for good on an old fashioned three point play by Devyn Smith at 43-40. NTC built the lead out to 47-41. MSD came back capped by a three by Abby Weiss with 14.3 seconds left to make it 49-48. Two more free throws by Smith finished the scoring and NTC led 51-48.

North Tartan Larson faced 43 Hoops Olson in the last contest of the night. Again we hadn't seen either team yet. As much as the second game had scoring early neither team generated much offensively in this game. 43HO started the scoring with an Angela Tauer shot from the left wing. 43HO led 8-7 when NTL started clicking on the offensive end and shut the door defensively. Suriya McGuire scored on transition to give the lead to NTL for good 9-8. At half time it was 35-18 NTL.

The second half NTL kept the momentum with a scoring runs of six that put them up 58-25. Toward the end of the game running time was used in a 62-31 win for NTL.

Tomorrow I will be at Cooper for a couple more pool play games. Sunday is when the real action takes place. The quarterfinals will be at 9:30 and 11, the semis at 3:30 and the finals at 6:30 on Mother's Day.

Lakes Area Heat did not show this weekend. So Pool F only had two teams.
Here are the other results tonight
#1 seed NC Heat beat 43 Hoops Johnson 68-21.
#2 seed MN Stars Borowicz beat 43 Hoops Zuck by a wide margin, the score wasn't posted when I left.
#4 seed Metro Stars White beat MN Finishers 50-31

I will have out & abouts on all these games later in the week.

Next up: tomorrow morning.

The Summer Week That Was #6: Double Time

#2 posting 5.9.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

THE SUMMER WEEK THAT WAS #6: Double Time in Menomonie
Last weekend it was Wisconsin's turn to have their state AAU tournament. Only 8 teams were in the event. Most of the teams were from western and northern Wisconsin around the Menomonie area. More teams in Wisconsin are going to tournaments sponsored by shoe companies and avoiding AAU. Teams from northeast and Southeast Wisconsin were scarce last weekend.

Minnesota will be holding their AAU State tournament this weekend. Their will be 20 Minnesota teams and one from South Dakota in the junior eligible division. Most of the teams are from the Twin Cities metro area and that is where the event will be held this weekend (Cooper High School in New Hope). 15 of the team are mainly based in the Twin Cities; three are from Southern Minnesota; one from the St. Cloud area; and one from the Lakes Area. This is almost the flip side of Wisconsin.

So how do the states match up so far? I only used the Junior Eligible divisions that I have charted. No one under 17/16 allowed.
State, pp100, floor %
Iowa 93.08, .426
Minnesota 83.05, .388
Wisconsin 78.09, .371
Overall all ages 78.84, .375
overall High school 2008 81.53, .394
So the numbers indicate Iowa is in front. It should be remembered that I only charted 8 Iowa teams, 11 Wisconsin teams and 20 Minnesota teams. I am sure the numbers will change as the summer moves on.

For the first time this season there is a two time winner. Team Wisconsin Select Samuels mowed down their opponents. Defensively they are rock solid led by 6-6 Nicole Griffin in the middle. They are averaging 53.7 pp100 and .241 on floor % on defense. On offense TWSS id averaging 98.58 pp100 and .476 on floor %. TWSS didn't have a close game in the tournament. The expected battle with TWS Doucette never materialized. A 25 point win in the championship against TWSD was an exclamation point on another strong performance. Samuels team in the championship checked in with 114 pp100 and a .509 floor %. Team balance is another key factor in their success. Players are stepping up. Everyone knows Griffin, now other players are emerging. TWSS has not lost yet this year.

Laura Petersen of TWSS is a stealthy scorer flying under the radar. You look at the box score after the game and she has quietly put together another double digit effort. Petersen is a 5-10 guard that is adept at going to the line. Her aggressive attacking attitude put her at the line three times in each of the two games I saw. She can shoot the three and also score inside. She moves without the ball. Petersen's days of flying under the radar may be over now.

To make the teams remember the rules:
#1. I need to see the player
#2. Player needs to have 6+ possessions
#3. Player needs to be over 100 pp100
#4. Player needs to be over .500 floor %
#5. If I see a player in two games the numbers are added up and the average used.
So where is Nicole Griffin??? She only had five possessions in each game. During the winter season the requirements are 10 possessions. Six is pretty small even in summer.

Brittany Czerneski, Team WI Select 15 (Hurley)
Erin Frase, Team WI Select 15 (Phillips)
Laura Petersen, Team WI Select Samuels (Osseo-Fairchild)
Cady Roedl, Wisconsin Hoops Select 14 (Beaver Dam)
Britta Syverson, MN Finishers (Mpls Southwest)
Erika Chitko, Wisconsin Hoops Select 14 (Beaver Dam)
Callie Hallstrand, Team WI Select 14 (Prentice)
Laura Maltby, MN Finishers (Mpls Southwest)
Shelby Sterba, Team WI Select 14 (Flambeau)

Nicole Griffin of TWSS picked up her second defensive award. Griffin is just plain flat out intimidating inside. At 6-6 you expect Griffin to block shots. But Griffin delivers more. She gets up in the air for rebounds, and doesn't wait for them to come to her. She rolls on the floor for loose balls and comes up with them. But it is what doesn't happen with Griffin that makes her the defensive player of the week. Not counting transition action, TWSS allowed only three regular two point baskets in their half court defense against TWSD and a mind blowing one two point field goal against Viking Club Boese. Griffin's shadow looms large.

Theresa Cassidy, Totino-Grace
Nicole Griffin, Team WI Select Samuels (Milwaukee Vincent)
Heather Kessler, Team WI Select Samuels (Antigo)
Cady Roedl, Wisconsin Hoops Select 14 (Beaver Dam)
Britta Syverson, MN Finishers (Mpls Southwest)

Wispy Cady Roedl of Wisconsin Hoops Select played David to Team WI Select 14's Goliath. The diminutive guard scored 18 huge points in a 41-40 victory over the bigger team. The lefty scored off quick shots from the outside. She has a nice hesitation, and also a step back move. Her key defensive steal with the game tied at 40 gave her team a chance to win. I am sure that as the years go on she will get bigger and stronger. When that happens watch out.

This week I am adding the distributor award. This goes to the player with the most assists. Katie Wolff of Team WI Select Doucette had 7 assists and .412 % of all her team's assists in the championship against TWSS. Wolff had 7 of the 17 possible assists in that game for TWSD.

Here are the past weekly winners
5. NC Heat
4. MN All Star 2A
3. Team WI Select Samuels
2. Minnesota Dynamite
1. IBCA Select Red

5. Megan Nipe, NC Heat (Centennial)
4. Brianna Mastey, MN All Star 3A, (Becker)
3. Sam Price, Team WI Select Samuels (Eau Claire North)
2. Haylie Darrington, Maroon South Central All Star (Blue Earth)
1. Trisha Nesbitt, IBCA Select Red (Ames)

5. Tori Rule, Midtown Lady Monarchs (DeLaSalle)
4. Jackie Voigt, MN All Star 4A, (Park-Cottage Grove)
3. Nicole Griffin, Team WI Select Samuels (Milwaukee Vincent)
2. Kiara Strickland, Gold South Central All Star (Mpls Roosevelt)
1. Amber Kirschbaum, IBCA Select Red (Spirit Lake)

5. Alyssa Hagen, MN Stars Carlisle (NRHEG)
4. Hilary Friendshuh, Team WI Red 15s (Clear Lake, WI)
3. Jessica Waldvogel, Team Wisconsin Select 15s
2. Kara Hofschild, Minnesota Dynamite (Andover)
1. Kionna Kellogg, IBCA Select Red (Ames)

1. MN Stars
2. Metro Stars Black
3. Team WI Sr White
4. Team WI Sr Black

1. North Tartan Larson
2. NC Heat
3. MN Stars Hested/Borowicz
4. Nebraska Bison
5. IBCA Select Red
6. Team WI Select Samuels
7. North Tartan Crosby
8. Metro Stars White
9. Metro Stars Black
10. Fury
11. MN Suns
12. MN Stars Smith
13. MN Stars Eckmann
14. MN Stars DeWitt
15. Team WI Select Doucette
16. All Iowa Attack 17
17. 43 Hoops Olson
18. 43 Hoops Zuck
19. Southern Minny Elite
20. Southern Stars
21. Comets
22. X Factor

1. Triple Threat
2. MN Thunder
3. MN Dynamite

1. North Tartan
2. Team Iowa
3. Metro Stars
4. Team WI Select
5. Nebraska Judds
6. MN Suns Ellen
7. Lady Cats
8. MN Suns Arbogast
9. MN Stars Carlisle
10. 43 Hoops
11. Fury
12. Southern Mini Magic
13. MN Dynamite
14. MN Finishers
15. MN Gym Rats

1. North Tartan
2. IBCA Select Blue
3. Fury Haugen
4. Midtown Lady Monarchs
5. MN Stars Hested
6. Metro Stars
7. Fury Livers
8. MN Suns
9. Southern MN Heat

1. MN Suns
2. MN Stars Farview

Next up: later tonight with results from Day 1 of the Minnesota Girls State AAU Tournament.

Four Coaching Moves, Athena Winners

#1 posting 5.9.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Tavelyn James of Detroit Mumford has signed with Eastern Michigan. The 5-7 guard averaged 23.2 ppg this past winter.

Ohio will announce their new women's basketball coach today.

Chris Kielsmeier has been named women's basketball coach at Wayne State College in Nebraska. He was the coach at D3 National champ Howard Payne in Texas. He is from Iowa, graduating from Hubbard-Radcliffe high school. From the Sioux City Journal.

Former Sioux Falls Lincoln boys coach Lyle Pearson is the new girls basketball coach. SFL has not been to the state tournament for 15 years. From KELO.

Hillsdale High School in Michigan is looking for a new girls basketball coach. From the Hillsdale Daily News.

Minneapolis area high schools will honor their Athena Award winners today. 27 of the honorees played basketball.

Former Lynx coach Suzie McConnell-Serio will be inducted into the Penn State Hall of Fame on June 14.

Today the Minnesota State AAU Tournament opens up. Here is the State AAU page with schedule links.

Next up: the week that was

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Emergency Opening

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The Comets are suddenly short one team for a one day tournament this weekend at Sauk Rapids Middle School. Game times would be 10:10, 12:30, and 4 all on Saturday.

This spot is being offered free of charge, the courts are paid for, the officials scheduled, come and play in a girls varsity basketball (9-11th graders) tournament this weekend.

Please contact Chris Lewis
320-420-3482 if interested.

or email me at clewdogg@hotmail.com

Next up: tomorrow morning

Out & About: Team WI Select Samuels/Team WI Select Doucette

#3 posting 5.8.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

this game took place on Sunday, May 4
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

The Viking clubs two premier teams met in the finals. They split the squad this year with former teammates now rivals. Last year it was the 6-6 twin towers playing on the 15u team. This year Nicole Griffin stayed with Coach Samuels and Anna Cole moved on to Coach Doucette's team. This match up again hinged on the TWSS defense as Samuels bested Doucette 65-40.

Samuels jumped out to a 7-0 lead after the first three possessions while the TWSS defense held TWSD scoreless for their first four chances. Free throws, which Samuels had a big advantage at the end, played a part in the opening scores. Nicole Griffin scored an &1 while Laura Petersen, who ended up being the high scorer for both teams, made two free throws. Doucette answered the call early with six straight with Anna Cole contributing four. After that she did not score again, and only had two more possessions. Samuels had a rare five possession drought during this period. Doucette also had a five possession drought. Samuels outscored Doucette 20-7 the last half of the first half. A more severe 10 possession drought damaged any hopes of staying close to Samuels. Four of those possessions ended up as turnovers. By half Samuels led 34-15. Sam Hoyt led a balanced Samuels attack with 8 at the break.

Doucette managed to cut the margin down to 14 early in the second half, but that was as close as they would get. Samuels had a nine possession scoring sequence later in the half cementing the win. In that stretch TWSS outscored their close rivals 21-5 to make it 64-33. At that point Doucette's team was rushing their offense, taking quick shots trying to get back into the contest. TWSS, when they had the ball, took the shot they wanted when they wanted. The last 3:43 of the game Doucette's team outscored the champs 7-1. But it hardly seemed to make a dent.
Photos: #1. Nicole Griffin vs Anna Cole; #2. Heather Kessler goes up in traffic as Griffin gets ready for the rebound. photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Laura Petersen, Osseo-Fairchild 15, 8, 225.0, .875 a stealth figure. Everyone's attention is on Griffin. Petersen quietly racks up the points. After the game you look at the box score and go how did this happen? Petersen is aggressive to the glass, she went to the line three times and was perfect 6/6. She can hit a three, and she moves well without the ball. Add in the four assists and she had a 23 point impact on the contest.
Nicole Griffin, Milw Vincent 6, 5, 120.0, .600 It was good to see her go against someone her own height. She didn't back down. Griffin is an impact player just by being on the floor. She jumps and got on the floor after loose balls a couple of times. When a 6-6 kid does that and gets the ball it is noted.
Sam Hoyt, Durand 11, 11, 100.0, .364 point guard. made two 3s. can score when hit. led team with five assists
Bree Tinney, Osceola 4, 3, 133.3, .667 perimeter, aggressive, alert, active. has decent range
Heather Kessler, Antigo 6, 8, 75.0, .375 is a lanky 6-1 player that also had five assists. another that works in Griffin's shadows. Kessler is more active than the LaCrosse Tournament held earlier in April.. needs to keep her hand up on her follow through instead of yanking it back light she has burned her hand on the stove.
Whitney Rawdon, Eau Claire North 4, 4, 100.0, .500 part perimeter, part post.
Heather Byl, Osceola 2, 5, 40.0, .200 passing decisions need to be cleaned up.
Sam Price, Eau Claire North 6, 4, 150.0, .500 point guard. made two 3s. in the flow
Hannah Betz, Woodbury, MN 2, 3, 66.7, .333 good footwork.
Kayla Windt, Hurley 9, 6, 150.0, .667 more alert and active. guard. made a 3. runs the floor.

Courtney Doucette, Colfax 10, 13, 76.9, .385 3 point shooter. only time she shot a 2 was on a lay up.
Cate Schofield, Wausau West 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Katie Wolff, Marshfield 7, 9, 77.8, .333 point guard. led both teams with 7 assists. can shoot the 3. looks to create off the dribble.
Anna Cole, Mondovi 4, 5, 80.0, .400 had more animation in the battle of 6-6ers. Early on was active. as the game wore on she faded.
Sam Barber, DC Everest 3, 6, 50.0, .167 guard. made an &1.
Kaycee Charette, Prescott 0, 8, 0.0, .000 inside wasn't an option
Briana Raodowicz, Mukwonago 9, 7, 128.6, .429 made three 3s all in the second half.
Katey Wrobel, Osseo-Fairchild 7, 7, 100.0, .429 made an &1.

Laura Petersen

Team WI Select Samuels 65, 57, 114.0, .509
Team WI Select Doucette 40, 59, 67.8, .288
made 3s/&1s: TWSS 6/2; TWSD 6/2
ftm/fma-ft%: TWSS 17/18-.944; TWSD 6/10-.600
bench: TWSS 23, TWSD 16
Laura Petersen made as many free throws as TWSD did.
I think one key difference is the fact that 8 Samuels players picked up assists while only four did for Doucette. The one extra pass paid huge dividends for Samuels.

Heather Kessler 8.5
Heather Byl 7
Nicole Griffin 6
Sam Hoyt 5
Laura Petersen 2
Whitney Rawdon 2
Sam Price 2
Hannah Betz 2
Bree Tinney 1
Kayla Windt 0.5
totals: 36

Katie Wolff 4
Courtney Doucette 4
Kaycee Charette 4
Katey Wrobel 3
Cate Schofield 2
Briana Rodowicz 2
Sam Barber 1
Totals: 20

Sam Hoyt 5
Heather Kessler 5
Laura Petersen 4
Sam Price 3
Whitney Rawdon 2
Bree Tinney 2
Kayla Windt 2
Hannah Betz 1
totals: 24

Katie Wolff 7
Sam Barber 3
Courtney Doucette 1
Anna Cole 1
totals: 12

Next up: tomorrow, with the week that was.

Mount Marty Signings, Raymond at Kansas

#2 posting 5.8.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

IPFW has signed two players including Laura Gerhardt from Owens Community College. Gerhardt is a guard from South Milwaukee.

Kylie Gross of Yankton is headed to Mount Marty. The 6-0 post averaged 9.4 ppg for the Gazelles last year. From the Yankton Press & Dakotan.
Also from the YPD--another player is headed to Mount Marty: Kellie Boer a guard from Tri-Valley. Boer is a 5-5 guard that averaged 11.2 ppg. scroll to find this one.

We already reported on Amber Kirschbaum of Spirit Lake and her decision to go to Northern Iowa. Now the Des Moines Register reports.

Former Lynx player Tamika Raymond will be an assistant this year at Kansas.

Next up: the Wisconsin State AAU championship for the Junior Eligible. Tomorrow the week that was.

MN Basketball News Players of the Year

#1 posting 5.8.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

The Minnesota Basketball News has named their players of the year and all class teams:
First Team
Nicole Smart, Ada-Borup, POY
Bree Holleman, Hancock
Sari Noga, Parkers Prairie
Ashley Walterman, GHEC
Megan Myhre, Barnum
Second Team
Maria Ganglehoff, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's
Sam Lynn, Adrian
Jenny Ramey, New Life
Jessica Benson, Grand Meadow
Kendra Bornhoft, RTR
Honorable Mention
Autumn Beasley, Heritage
Gretta Hjelseth, Nevis
Katrina Newman, Barnum
Jenny Noordmans, Hancock
Brooke DeWall, SW Star
Abbey Evavold, Battle Lake
Sara Lutes, New Life
Emily Bose, Murray County Central
Alycia Dahl, Northern
Andra Gould, Wrenshall

First Team
Brittany Chambers, Jordan POY
Hannah Linz, Eden Valley-Watkins
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter
Angie Jetvig, Hawley
Second Team
Rebecca Friestleben, Holy Family
Jennie Noreen, Albany
Faith Tinklenberg, Pipestone
Laura Melquist, Rochester Lourdes
Alex Montgomery, Cannon Falls
Honorable Mention
Jennifer Lopez, DGF
Katie Pettit, HLWW
Taylor Voss, Albany
Leslie Wilson, Hayfield
Abby Busch, GFW
Leah Dietel, Jordan
Kiara Strickland, Mpls Roosevelt
Amber Dvorak, Hinckley-Finlayson
Renae Henjum, New London-Spicer
Sam Larsen, Albany

First Team
Brianna Mastey, Becker POY
Aaryn Booker, DeLaSalle
Hannah Draxten, Fergus Falls
Katie Loberg, Princeton
Lizzi Naumann, Totino-Grace
Second Team
Gabrielle Boever, Worthington
Maggie Bryant, Sartell
Jennifer Dowd, Rogers
Casey Mann, Rogers
Kassie Robinson, Simley
Honorable Mention
Cecily Checkal, Delano
Alia Cook, Hibbing
Megan Corradi, Chisago Lakes
Megan Erlandson, Minnehaha
Anna Full, Marshall
Anna Kovalchuk, DeLaSalle
Sarah Luse, Orono
Carolyn Mobley, St. Paul Johnson
Colleen Raune, Benilde-St. Margaret's
Veronica Scott, Totino-Grace

First Team
Tayler Hill, Mpls South POY
Courtney Boylan, Chaska
Brittnye McSparron, Eastview
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central
Megan Nipe, Centennial
Second Team
Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy
Theairra Taylor, St. Paul Central
Jackie Voigt, Park-Cottage Grove
Cassie Rochel, Lakeville North
Stephanie Sension, Hopkins
Honorable Mention
Angela Christianson, Alexandria
Ephesia Holmes, Mpls South
Alison Johnson, St. Louis Park
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove
Ali Schwartzwald, St. Francis
Jordyn Sears, St. Cloud Tech
Kate Thompson, Wayzata
Kiara Allums, Centennial
Kayla Hirt, Bemidji
Georgie Jones, St. Paul Central

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out & About: Team WI Samuels/Viking Club Boese

#2 posting 5.7.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

this game took place on Sunday, May 4
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

Team Wisconsin Select Samuels held Viking Club Boese to three two point field goals in the entire game in a 32 point win in the semifinals.

The way the game started however you wouldn't think the game was going to be a romp. TWSS started the contest off with a lay up off the tip. VCB answered with a three from Katelyn Mueller. Both teams scored on their first two possessions. Both of VCB's were 3s. That meant VCB scored 25% of their points in the first two possessions. Points were hard to come by inside the three point line and almost next to impossible in the paint as 6-6 Nicole Griffin rejected and intimidated VCB from attempting any shots. VCB had a drought of 11 after the initial flurry of 3s. VCB soon added another 8 drought to the total and closed with a 10 possession dry spell. Add it up and it was 2/31 sequence in the first half for a bone chilling .065 floor %, and 12.9 pp100. At half time it was VCSS up 30-10. Griffin had 7 points at half.

The outcome was not in doubt in the second half. TWSS held VCB scoreless for 9 straight possessions. It was the size, speed and aggressiveness that carried the day for TWSS.
photos: #1 Select's Kayla Windt throwing a chest pass. #2. Nicole Griffin using her wing span to block a shot by Emily O'Rourke. Photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Sam Price, Eau Claire North 5, 5, 100.0, .600 point guard for this shift. She didn't look to shoot as much as she did in LaCrosse. Scored on lay ups. led both teams in assists. good vision
Bree Tinney, Osceola 8, 6, 133.3, .667 perimeter. 3 range. had a pull up. solid
Whitney Rawdon, Eau Claire North 7, 10, 70.0, .400 forward type. on free throw needs to be smoother. There is too much body motion in the shot.
Nicole Griffin, Milwaukee Vincent 9, 5, 180.0, 1.000 smooth 6-6 post. good feet, good hands. aggressive and alert. intimidates others from shooting. gets off the floor.
Heather Byl, Osceola 2, 7, 28.6, .143 guard
Laura Petersen, Osseo-Fairchild 11, 9, 122.2, .556 stealthy scorer. went to the line three times. scored when hit. will attack the offensive glass.
Heather Kessler, Antigo 8, 8, 100.0, .500 the post in this shift, but will probably play more 3 or 4 post HS. needs to hold her follow through. More active on defense today.
Kayla Windt, Hurley 2, 3, 66.7, .333 guard. aggressive
Hannah Betz, Woodbury, MN 0, 3, 0.0, .000 perimeter. known for defense
Sam Hoyt, Durand 4, 5, 80.0, ,400 point guard in this shift. also didn't look to shoot as much. looked to drive when given the chance.

Katelyn Mueller, Glenwood City 3, 9, 33.3, .111 opened the game with a 3 and didn't score again.
Chelsea Speros, Hayward 3, 11, 27.3, .091 did the work on the defensive boards for VCB.
Devon O'Konski, Owen-WIthee 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Nyomi Defiel, Baraboo 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Jenna Brandt, Independence 8, 11, 72.7, .364 all her points came in the second half. lefty
Kara Poirer, Eau Claire Regis 2, 6, 33.3, .167 guard hit a runner.
Megan Dorner, Baraboo 4, 9, 44.4, 111 had a chance for an old fashioned three point play.
Emily O'Rourke, Baraboo 2, 7, 28.6, .143 had a rough time scoring inside against Griffin.

Nicole Griffin

Team WI Select Samuels 56, 61, 91.8, .475
Viking Club Boese 24, 62, 38.7, .161
made 3s/&1s: VCB 2/0, TWSS 1/1
ftm/fta-ft%: VCB 6/7-.857; TWSS 11/19-.579
bench: TWSS 25, VCB 8
The Samuels bench would have beaten VCB 25-24.

Nicole Griffin 9.5
Heather Kessler 7
Sam Hoyt 5.5
Whitney Rawdon 5.5
Bree Tinney 3
Laura Petersen 3
Kayla Windt 3
Sam Price 2
Hannah Betz 1.5
totals: 40

Chelsea Speros 7
Megan Dorner 6
Devon O'Konski 4
Nyomi Defiel 3
Katelyn Mueller 3
Emily O'Rourke 3
Jenna Brandt 2
Kara Poirer 2
toals: 30

Sam Price 6
Heather Byl 4
Sam Hoyt 4
Kayla Windt 3
Bree Tinney 2
Nicole Griffin 2
Whitney Rawdon 1
Nicole Griffin 1
Hannah Betz 1
totals: 24

Katelyn Mueller 2
Chelsea Speros 2
Jenna Brandt 2
Devon O'Konski 1
Nyomi Defiel 1
Kara Poirer 1
totals: 9

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Latest Signings, Michigan AAU State Tournament

#1 posting 5.7.2008
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Also at Indiana State in the 2008 class: Kayla Mullins, 5-8, McGuffey Upper Scioto Valley (Ohio) has signed.
A verbal to Indiana State from the 2009 class: Moriah Hodge, 6-1, Cincinnati Glen Este (Ohio).

At Dubuque University six more are headed to play basketball:
Heather Taylor, River Ridge, WI
Joelle Domingos, Hortonville, WI
Jamie Duprel, Sturgis, SD
Nia Calbreath, West Carroll, IL
Kaitlin Nowicki, Iowa City Regina, IA
Shana Kester, Jesup, IA

Gabbie Binion of Davenport Assumption has signed with Southeastern CC in Keokuk, Iowa. From the Burlington Hawkeye.

Hortonville's boys basketball coach Joe Russom is going over to the girls side. He will be the new girls basketball coach at Appleton North. From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Minnesota isn't the only state with an AAU State tournament this weekend. Michigan will also hold their State tournament. Last week the Michigan Cagers won the North Regional. From the Flint Journal. Here are the Michigan AAU Brackets. The events for the 14-19s are in the Grand Rapids Area.

Maple Grove will host an AAU tournament on June 7 and 8.

Triple Threat won the MYAS Forest Lake event on Saturday finishing 3-0. Prior Lake will host the 16/171 division while Coon Rapids hosts the 19 this weekend.

Next up: the Wisconsin State AAU State tournament--Junior Eligible Semis and finals